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As the legacy of the Hoover Dam’s construction was ending in 1936, a new legacy was beginning for Cameron’s NEWCO® brand more than 1000 miles (1609 km) away, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It wasn’t until a decade later that the Newmans name, now associated with the NEWCO valve family, was incorporated. The new company’s primary focus was on the pipe, valves and fittings industry providing commodity gate valves and wellheads.

In 1963, Newmans, then based in Houston, Texas, had established itself in the valve market, beginning its legacy for global valve manufacturing, with facilities in the US, Italy, South Korea, China and Australia.

The name was changed to Newmans Valve Ltd. in 1976 with the opening of its Canadian branch. The company expanded into the modification and maintenance services in 1984 with the opening of their Precision Actuation Services division.

Recognizing the value of the brand, Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) acquired Newmans in 1996 and then merged their 1997 acquisition of the current OIC®brand into the company.

In 2003, the company came back full circle when it was purchased by a partnership, which included some of the original owners. The next year, the newly renamed Newco Valves, LLC purchased Cooper Valves from Dresser Industries.

In 2007 the Italian office was established, to promote sales through Europe & Middle East Countries.

In 2010, the registered NEWCO brand was added to Cameron’s family of valves as an operating subsidiary, to provide downstream solutions to a variety of markets.

In 2013 was completed the acquisition of Douglas Chero S.p.A., a forged gate, globe and check valve manufacturer located in Piacenza, Italy.

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